What To Consider When Ordering Kraft Boxes From TBPB

Kraft Packaging Boxes

Kraft Mailer Boxes is a versatile packaging solution that has overtaken the world. At The Best Price Boxes, we ensure that all the packaging we deliver is of the highest quality and has perfect printing. Printing is The first thing you need to consider when ordering the kraft boxes. Let’s dwell deep into the printing options offered by us:

Overview of Printed Kraft Boxes – Black & Full-Color Printing

Absolutely, it is possible to have kraft boxes that feature a full-color print. These boxes are not merely brown and dull, but rather, they have monochrome black printing. There are several factors to consider while printing on kraft paper, which will be discussed in more detail throughout the article. There are four methods available for printing on kraft paper:

  • Black Printing On Kraft Paper
  • Full-Color Printing On Kraft Paper
  • Vivid Colors On Kraft + White Ink Substrate
  • White Ink Printing On Kraft Boxes

Black Printing On Kraft Paper

The black print is universally recognized for its inherent qualities: it possesses a commanding presence, exhibits a strong and assertive nature, and is visually striking regardless of the design it is used in.

Full-Color Printing On Kraft Paper

This captivating kraft print alternative necessitates a standard CMYK printing procedure. The ink will not completely conceal the fibers in the paper, which is ideal for achieving a fully organic and natural look.

Vivid Colors On Kraft + White Ink Substrate

To enhance color vibrancy, we offer the possibility of applying white ink as an underlayer in the specific regions where you desire stronger color definition. The white ink acts as an obstruction, preventing the brown texture from being visible and stopping the colorful ink from mixing with the paperboard. The remaining parts will exhibit the brown kraft texture.

White Ink Printing On Kraft Boxes

Applying white ink onto kraft paper necessitates distinct printing techniques, and not all paper producers possess the capability to achieve this appearance. At The Best Price Boxes, we offer the all-white ink finish, which has been exceptionally successful and sought-after.

Can TBPB Apply Ink Colors On Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper’s brown and textured background impacts the perception of colors. Because it is not coated, it absorbs ink, resulting in a less vibrant color appearance.

The hue will allow the texture of the paper to be discernible. One of the features that our clients appreciate about printing on kraft paper is its ability to produce a highly authentic appearance.

If your brand features lighter or more vivid colors and you prefer a kraft box, a white layer of ink can be applied to the paperboard to enhance the color vibrancy in specific locations. You will achieve vibrant colors while retaining the texture of the kraft box.

If you desire a striking difference, we suggest utilizing hues from the darker range. Pale hues appear more desaturated as they lack sufficient contrast with the brown backdrop. To ensure optimal visibility against the brown background, it is advisable to refrain from using light colors such as yellow, pinks, cream, or light grays.

The coarse surface of the kraft paperboard may pose challenges when attempting to print intricate features or fine lines. We highly recommend using a line-weight of 1pt for the greatest level of detail. As depicted in the illustrations, this line-weight is sufficiently complex while still allowing for unlimited creativity.

Eight different types of Kraft Boxes Offered By TBPB

Many brands are considering Kraft packaging boxes due to their versatile properties. We believe that every brand is unique and should have a packaging that showcases their values and mission. Due to this reason, we offer kraft boxes in different forms. Following are eight kraft packaging options you can order from The Best Price Boxes:

  • Crash Bottom Kraft Boxes (CB)
  • Kraft Holster Box (HOL)
  • Straight Tuck Kraft Boxes
  • Reverse Tuck Kraft Boxes (RT)
  • Lock Bottom Kraft Boxes (LB)
  • Tuck Top Kraft Boxes (TT)
  • Kraft Sleeve Boxes
  • Two-Piece Kraft Box (TP)

Crash Bottom Kraft Boxes (CB)

A crash-lock bottom kraft box is constructed with a base lock system in which the opposing flaps are pressed together and adhered, securely locking the bottom of the box. It is advisable for objects of greater weight.

Kraft Holster Box (HOL)

A kraft holster box, sometimes known as a half box, has a complete opening on one end. The upper portion of the box is intentionally removed to expose the upper part of the product contained within. The closure options for the bottom include a straight tuck or a lock bottom.

Straight Tuck Kraft Boxes

The term “straight tuck” refers to the folding of the flaps on each side of the box in a straightforward manner, either from the front to the back or from the back to the front. Both flaps exhibit symmetrical folding.

Reverse Tuck Kraft Boxes (RT)

A Reverse Tuck box is characterized by one of the flaps folding in the opposite way compared to the other flap. One side of the object folds in a forward direction, while the other side folds in a backward direction.

Lock Bottom Kraft Boxes (LB)

A lock bottom kraft box is commonly employed for the packaging of weightier objects, such as candles or glass jars. The flaps securely interlock at the base of the box, enhancing its durability and strength.

Tuck Top Kraft Boxes (TT)

A tuck top kraft box is a type of box that has a single opening at the top and a sealing panel at the top with a little flap that can be tucked into the box. The lower part of the box is not capable of being opened.

Kraft Sleeve Boxes

A kraft sleeve is a box that lacks tucks or ends. The device is equipped with apertures on both ends, allowing it to smoothly glide over the intended target.

Two-Piece Kraft Box (TP)

A two-piece kraft box consists of a lower tray and a cover. The lid securely fits over the tray, ensuring that the two sections remain tightly connected. The packaging is highly durable due to the tray walls and lid walls providing double resistance.

Buy Custom Kraft Boxes At Affordable Rates

When it comes to designing custom kraft packaging boxes, there is no better option than The Best Price Boxes. Whether you want kraft packaging for cosmetics or automobiles, we have the perfect options for you. We use durable kraft material when designing the packaging. This helps brands ensure worldwide shipping and reduce return rates. We also use the leading printing and coloring methods to give the packaging a unique look. So, call us today when you want to buy kraft boxes at wholesale rates!

Printed Kraft Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are these kraft boxes eco-friendly?

These boxes are made from bio-degradable materials and are eco-friendly.

Can you provide samples of the kraft packaging?

We offer different sampling options to the customers. You can avail 2D, 3D and physical sampling options.

Do I have the option to add inserts to the packaging?

Yes, you can add dividers and inserts in the packaging.

Do you offer diverse closure options for custom packaging?

You get the option to choose the closure mechanism as per your choice. Some closure options offered by us are magnetic closures and tuck-in flaps.

Are these kraft boxes durable?

The kraft packaging is made from durable materials and can easily withstand the trials of shipping and shelving.

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