Increase Your Brand Visibility With These Custom Gift Boxes Designs!

Custom Gift Boxes

Packaging is crucial for retail and eCommerce enterprises. Creating a great brand experience begins when the customer receives the product. Custom packaging, especially custom gift boxes, is one of the finest ways to create an unboxing experience, impress new consumers, and retain current customers.

To improve your branding, try high-end packaging like personalized gift boxes. Gift-like packaging communicates a lot about your business and products, which helps attract customers. It boosts product value and improves customer interactions.

Advantages of Custom Gift Boxes

Custom gift boxes enhance purchase experiences and demonstrate genuine caring in practically any sector. Custom gift boxes for various brands offer many benefits, including:

They Are Affordable

Bespoke gift boxes can improve your brand experience without breaking the bank. High-quality packaging improves the client experience without being overpriced.

They Are Durable

Custom gift boxes preserve your products while giving customers an unforgettable unwrapping experience. Combine with foam inserts to ensure product safety and displayability.

Sets Your Brand Apart

Custom-branded gift boxes set your brand apart. It lets brands show off their edge and give customers a niche-specific experience.

Brand communication

Custom gift boxes allow brands to communicate their values, including sustainability, brand stories, and more, building more real relationships with devoted customers. These activities boost income and business growth.

When done well, custom gift boxes with logo can give big results for a small investment. Instead of spending more on customer acquisition, you can retain customers, increasing earnings potential.

How Do You Design Personalized Gift Boxes?

Following are some tips to design custom printed gift boxes for your brand

Identifying Brand Values

What should people remember about your brand? Getting a premium experience? You care about them? Your company values sustainability? These are some questions that you should ask yourself when creating the gift boxes. These are only starter questions, but the first step is determining what you want your package to say.

You want packaging that clients are delighted to receive and really take in your branding as social media becomes increasingly important.

Customers’ Experience

After deciding what to say, consider the customer. How do you want people to feel viewing your product? Which brand expectations do they have, and how can you improve? Understanding the consumer path and expectations makes your packaging more relevant.

Brand Elements

Want a simple or flamboyant look? You can make your colors, logos, and other brand components stand out. Working with a packaging specialist may help you design the perfect bespoke gift boxes and reflect your company well. Explore multiple finishes, specialty printing processes, and materials to create brand-appropriate packaging.


Want your packaging to convey clear messages? This includes taglines, straplines, social media hashtags, etc. These are all wonderful methods to make your packaging unique and create a consistent brand impression from delivery to customers. Word-of-mouth marketing influences 74% of buyers.

Unboxing and review videos are a major way this happens today! Custom gift boxes are ideal for unwrapping and creating user-generated content to boost brand reputation and reach.

Gift Box Types

You must consider certain factors while creating custom gift boxes for your brand.

Custom gift box designs may say a lot about your brand and its values, so spending effort on them will improve the client experience.

  • Magnetized Boxes
  • Telescopic rigid boxes
  • Drawer-style rigid boxes
  • Shoulder-neck rigid boxes
  • Tube Packaging

Magnetized Boxes

The pleasant ‘snap’ of a magnetic closure rigid boxes locking its magnets can be surprisingly addicting. Two magnets in rigid boxes lock together to close the box. It’s sustainable since rigid boxes can store jewelry, makeup, and just about anything else (depending on the size). Customers won’t throw them out because of their durable design.

Additionally, its structural engineering gives it a luxurious sense. The magnetic closure makes unwrapping sleek and memorable for your consumers! Standard and collapsible magnetic closing boxes exist. The regular form is stronger and more lasting, but the collapsible magnetic closure rigid box ships flat, reducing shipping and handling expenses.

Customers can no longer collapse rigid boxes because double-sided tape attaches to their collapsible faces.

Telescopic rigid boxes

Telescopic rigid boxes are topload, 2-piece, or lid and tray rigid packaging with the lid off the base vertically. This opening is like a Monopoly or iPhone box, yet they appear and feel very different.

High-end telescope boxes, like smartphone boxes, have precise specifications to provide friction and a slow-opening speed so the base can glide out from under the top.

The four faces of the lid and base overlap when closed, making telescopic boxes stronger than rigid boxes. It’s a sturdy packing option for products that will be used several times.

Partial cover rigid boxes are telescopic rigid boxes with a lid that covers part of the base, making them easier to open and close.

Drawer-style rigid boxes

Pulling open a drawer, especially a small package with a new product, is satisfying. Since they open like matchboxes, drawer-style rigid boxes are sometimes called slipcase, slide, or match rigid boxes.

Drawer-style rigid boxes are like telescoping rigid boxes, but with a ribbon pull or semi-circle thumb hole. Telescope boxes are ideal for keeping things straight and level when customers open them.

This clip of a user unwrapping his new iPhone during an interview shows how opening horizontally can prevent accidents and disasters. Child safety features can be added to drawer-style boxes to prevent small children from opening dangerous products.

Shoulder-neck rigid boxes

A lid can be placed on a different nick or shoulder inner layer in this rigid box. This custom gift box is great for creating a unique unboxing experience because it can be modified to match your brand colors and styles! After choosing rigid box packing, consider inserts. Designers typically leave the neck of the shoulder-neck rigid box partially exposed to offer a multi-layer or multi-packaging image that might fill shoppers with curiosity when they see a high-end goods.

Tube Packaging

Rolling-edge tube packaging, or stiff tubes, is a unique and eco-friendly paper packaging choice for individuals who want to stand out. A telescoping or shoulder-neck opening is typical of rigid tube packing, which is cylindrical and has no corners.

Pringle containers are the most common rigid tubes. Rigid tubes are used for packing drinks, cosmetics, stationary, and accessories with easy opening.

Get Best Custom Gift Boxes At Affordable Rates!

When you want to design custom gift boxes that ooze quality and help you garner more attention, you need a packaging partner who can design personalized gift boxes. The Best Price Boxes is the name to trust when designing custom gift boxes. You can choose from cardstock, rigid, corrugated, and kraft materials when designing custom packaging.

With the help of digital and offset printing, we make sure all the packaging has a unique and attractive design. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of customizations that can help you give the customers a personalized unboxing experience. So, whether you want chocolate gift boxes or kraft gift boxes, we are the ones to call. Contact us today to place the order for custom gift boxes.

Printed Gift Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I create themed gift boxes for my brand?

You can create the gift boxes in any way you want. We offer various customizations to help you create unique packaging and allure customers.

What payment methods are accepted on your end?

We accept all the leading payment methods. You can also pay via bank transfer and credit/debit card. For more information, contact our sales staff.

What happens if I do not have an artwork ready?

The artwork will help customers identify your product on the retail shelves. If you do not have an artwork ready, you can procure our design services.

In how many days will my packaging arrive?

The shipping time depends on your location and the complexity of the order. We aim to deliver all the packaging orders within 7-10 days.

What are some add-ons for custom gift boxes?

We offer embossing, debossing, spot UV and window patching for custom gift boxes.

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