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Getting noticed is necessary in the dynamic world of retail packaging. Display boxes play an important role in grabbing the attention of your customers and increasing your sales. They offer a wide range of benefits to your business. These boxes showcase your products in a unique way and amplify the brand visibility.

In this guide, you will explore a detailed overview of these boxes including its types.

What are Display Boxes?

Display boxes are used to showcase your products in the retail market. These boxes come in various sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. Their primary function is to attract the customers and highlight the important features of your products.

Types of Display Boxes

There are various types of these boxes. Some of them are the following:

Printed Display Boxes

Printed display boxes add designs, patterns, or images that are directly printed onto the box surface. It is a cost-effective packaging solution to enhance the appeal of your products without the need of customization.

Custom Printed Display Boxes

Custom printed display boxes allow you to personalize these boxes per your requirements. Whether you want to add your brand logo, images, and other branding elements, it is a perfect option for you. It increases your brand awareness and sales. The more your boxes are seen, the more your brand will be reinforced.

Pop-Up Display Boxes

Pop-up display boxes are collapsible in nature. They can be assembled easily. It makes them an ideal choice for trade shows, exhibitions, and promotional events. They offer a quick setup and alluring presentation.

Benefits of Display Boxes

Display boxes offer a multitude of benefits. Some benefits are given below:

Increased Visibility

Above all, these boxes increase your brand visibility. It ultimately amplifies your sales.

Brand Promotion

Custom printed display boxes act as a strong and effective marketing tool. It takes your brand to the next heights.

Increased Sales

By attracting customers, you can get more sales. Therefore, get these boxes and increase your revenue.


Furthermore, these boxes are adaptable in nature. You can use these boxes to package a variety of products. They accommodate your different packaging needs.


Moreover, these boxes are a cost-effective packaging solution that ordinary packaging. It helps you to meet your packaging needs without breaking the bank.


These boxes are light-weight. It is easy to use and carry. It makes them a perfect solution for branding and packaging.

Attractive Colors To Make Your Boxes More Adorable and Aesthetic

Undoubtedly, colors play an important role in establishing and expanding brand identity. They attract the customers and convince them to make purchases. Generally, buyers consider the various factors to buy any products. Colors are one of them. The more vibrant your packaging colors are, the more sales you will get. Therefore, always opt for the vibrant and lively colors when you buy display boxes.

Packaging companies, like The Best Price Boxes, offer the following color models:

CMYK Color Model

PMS Color Model

  • CMYK Color Model

The CMYK color model includes the four colors; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. They are mixed to form new color shades. Unfortunately, this color model does not offer an exact color match.

  • PMS Color Model 

Along with the CMYK, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) color model is also offered. It offers you a wide range of colors. You can get an exact color match in this model.

Sampling Options

Sometimes, buyers are confused about the final appearance of their ordered packaging boxes. It makes them anxious. Therefore, many packaging companies offer prototypes for their satisfaction. It helps you to make an informed decision.

Packaging companies offer the following prototypes:

2D Flat View

3D Mock Up

Physical Samples

  • 2D Flat View

In 2D flat view, the pictures are made of these boxes and sent to you. You can see and analyze the boxes before placing an order.

  • 3D Mock Up

3D mockup includes the videos of your ordered packaging boxes. It allows you to see and analyze every corner and side of boxes.

  • Physical Samples

Along with it, physical samples are also offered. You can physically box and analyze the material. It helps you to make an informed decision with confidence.


To conclude, display boxes are not only packaging containers. They have the potential to grab the attention of your customers, increase brand awareness, amplify the sales, and drive more customers. Whether you opt for custom printed display boxes, printed options, or pop-up displays, adding these versatile solutions into your marketing strategy can help you to get impressive results. By understanding the benefits and types of custom display boxes, you can take your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are display boxes made of?

Display boxes are made of strong and robust materials like cardboard. It ensures the protection of your products from any damage such as scratches along with maintaining their appealing look.

Are custom printed display boxes expensive?

The cost of printed display boxes depends on the size, styles, and number of boxes. You can get these boxes per your requirements.

How can I design an effective display box?

While designing your display box, you need to consider various aspects including your target audience, brand identity, color scheme, size, and printing.

Are pop-up display boxes reusable?

Yes, these boxes can be reused. You can easily assemble and disassemble these boxes. It makes them reusable for next time.

Can display boxes be customized for seasonal promotions?

Yes, these boxes can be designed and customized for seasonal promotions. You just need to tell your requirements to the packaging company.

Do display boxes come pre-assembled or flat-packed?

These boxes come pre-assembled as well flat-packed. Pre-assembled boxes are ready to use whereas flat-packed boxes need to be assembled when you need to use them.

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